Women and Bone Disease

Women and Bone Disease
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Reducing the burden of bone disease in women includes understanding risk factors, making rapid, accurate diagnoses when symptoms occur, implementing appropriate therapies, and monitoring treatment. Laboratory diagnostic testing plays an integral role in helping care for women throughout the continuum of bone disease and of life.



Siemens Solutions for Bone-disease Management

ADVIA Centaur® Systems

ADVIA® Chemistry Systems

Dimension® EXL™ Systems

Dimension Vista® Systems


Other Siemens Systems

Detection monitoring/management


Alanine aminotransaminase

     X    X    X  

Alkaline phosphatase

     X    X    X  

Aspartate aminotransaminase

     X    X    X  
Bilirubin     X    X    X  
Calcium     X    X    X  
Creatinine     X    X    X  
Erythrocytes         X
Ferritin    X    X    X    X    X 
Gamma-glutyltransferase     X    X    X  
Hematocrit         X
Hemoglobin         X

Intact PTH

    X          X 
Iron     X    X    X  
Leukocytes         X
Magnesium     X    X    X  
Phosphorus     X    X    X  
Pyrilinks-D        X 
Thrombocytes         X
TSH    X     X    X    X 

Vitamin D Total



* Siemens Imaging Systems

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