OB/GYN Advanced Applications

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OB/GYN Advanced Applications
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Designed to improve workflow and clinical performance


Siemens' ultrasound systems for obstetrics and gynecology feature a range of innovative clinical and workflow applications. These solutions address multiple clinical challenges from automation of fetal biometry measurements to visualization of the coronal plane of the endometrium.

Amnioscopic Rendering

Amnioscopic Rendering allows the user to control an artificial light source illuminating the uterine cavity, improving detail and depth perception and yielding photo-realistic fetal images.

33 week fetal feet

Thickened umbillical cord due to excessive Wharton's jelly

Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst

25 Week Fetal Face

29 Week Fetal Face

First Trimester Fetus

Placenta to Fetal Cord Insertion

Third Trimester Fetal Face

Missed Abortion

Fetal Face

Fetal Skeletal Rendering

Fetal Skeletal Rendering is an innovative solution for viewing the fetal skeleton in 3D. This unique technology is a true volumetric technique utilizing pattern recognition providing exceptional detail.

Spina bifida

21 week fetal spine

Fetal Spine

Fetal Spine

27 Week Fetal Spine

Fetal Heart STIC (spatio-temporal image correlation) Imaging

This is an automated acquisition of the fetal heart that compensates for the variability in heart rate. Multi-planar reformatted images are easily obtained for a detailed anatomical evaluation, with real-time heart rate display and preview mode.

The aortic arch and long axis of the heart

25 Week Fetal Heart

Second Trimester Fetal Heart

STIC with MultiSlice imaging 20 week fetal situs

Advanced fourSight™ Technology

fourSight™ 4D imaging technology expands the utility of diagnostic ultrasound for gynecology and obstetrics. fourSight 4D imaging provides comprehensive, real-time volume images of anatomical structures and pathological conditions.

Vasculature of the fetal heart

Second trimester fetal face

Amnioscopic rendering provides intricate detail in this 6 week embryo

Amnioscopic Rendering fetal face

Curved MPR fetal spine

Thick Slice Imaging TSI fetal spine

MultiSlice imaging first trimester fetus

Intrauterine device

Fetal oomphalocele

Amnioscopic Rendering fetal ear

MultiSlice imaging perforated intrauterine device

35 week fetal face

syngo® Auto OB measurements

syngo® Auto OB measurements is a knowledge-based workflow application which provides semi-automated fetal biometry measurements. Based on advanced pattern recognition technology, syngo Auto OB saves time, reduces keystrokes, and increases consistency.

ACUSON X700™ ultrasound system 27 week femur length

ACUSON X700™ ultrasound system 18 week head circumference

ACUSON S3000™ ultrasound system 11 week crown rump length

ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system 32 week abdominal circumference

ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system femur length

ACUSON S1000™ ultrasound system 20 week head circumference

ACUSON S1000™ ultrasound system 20 week head and abdominal measurements

ACUSON X300™ ultrasound system, premium edition head circumference

ACUSON X300™ ultrasound system, premium edition abdominal circumference