Vascular Surgery

3D Image Guided Surgery

In vascular surgery, 3D image guidance is helpful for precise placement of endografts during EVAR procedures. Intraoperative 3D imaging shows the real anatomy with stiff wires in place and is more accurate than fusing preoperational CT images with the live image. For implantation of fenestrated grafts, important anatomical landmarks can be marked on the 3D image and superimposed onto the live image.

Intraoperative 3D imaging with syngo DynaCT allows automatic visualization of the real anatomy with the stiff wires in place in only 5 seconds.

The syngo iGuide toolbox automatically detects the contours of the segmented aorta and allows visualization of clinical landmarks on the 3D image by points or lines.

syngo iPilot superimposes the landmarks precisely onto the live image and automatically compensates for angulations, zoom factors and even the table position.