Early Detection

Detecting the signs of breast cancer — early

Early Detection
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Early Detection – Magnetic Resonance

Clarification of eventualities – with Magnetic Resonance

There are more patients with screening or early diagnosis challenges, such as patients with breast implants and patients who are considered high-risk for breast cancer based on their genetic predispositions. In such cases, a solution is needed that provides high accuracy in differentiating soft tissues; a solution that can also be used for biopsies, and that supports real-time analysis data as well as interventional procedure planning.

Images courtesy of Cardinal MRI Center San Juan, Manila, Philippines

All the magnetic resonance systems from our MAGNETOM® family, equipped with our syngo® VIEWS (Volume Imaging with Enhanced Water Signal) and powered by Tim® (Total imaging matrix), offer that – and much more, such as pristine image quality for excellent imaging and increased diagnostic confidence. Images courtesy of First Hill Diagnostic Imaging Center, Seattle, WA, USA