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Therapy – Radiation Oncology

Efficient radiation therapy
When therapy begins, it is important to be able to choose the appropriate radiation therapy technique, easily adapt to anatomical changes and patient movements, and deliver treatments according to each patient’s needs.

At Siemens, we support our customers with options and upgrades to take the capabilities of your Linac to the next level. In addition, our Strategic Partner for Radiation Therapy, Varian Medical Systems, offers a broad range of powerful and precise treatment delivery capabilities.

Options and Upgrades for your Linacs


Bringing volumetric modulated ARC therapy to your ARTISTE

mARC gives you the flexibility to treat your patients according to their individual needs – by combining full and partial arcs, conformal arcs, modulated arcs, and static fields. It also gives you the freedom to create any shape of beam along the arc you need for complex dose modulation and accelerates treatment by up to 65% compared to IMRT. And because the MLC leaves don’t move during dose delivery, you can be certain of their exact position at all times during treatment.


Speeding up SRT
Multiple-X enables ARTISTE or ONCOR K-Class to deliver high dose rates of up to 2,000 MU/min, available at up to four flattening-filter-free energies: 7, 11, 14, and 17 MV.
Combine mARC with Multiple-X* and speed up hypofractionated treatments.

160 MLC™ Multileaf Collimator

Thanks to the high-resolution 160 MLC™, you can deliver accurate radiation therapy: The collimator precisely conforms to the shape of the tumor and optimizes dosage to the target volume while minimizing dosage to the healthy surrounding tissue.

Cone Beam CT Imaging with In-Line kView

kV-like images for precise patient positioning
In-Line kView is Siemens’ unique Cone Beam CT imaging solution. It uses the modified treatment beam of the linac for imaging, offering kV-like images and low dose imaging. In-Line kView provides the image quality you need to verify the accurate patient position – for fast and precise IGRT.


EnVision Better Cancer Care

Two Leaders. One driving force.

As the innovation leaders in the fields of medical imaging and radiation therapy solutions, Siemens and Varian are collaborating to advance clinical capabilities in radiation therapy and radiosurgery for the benefits of patients. Our partnership will enable clinicians to optimize personalized cancer care by combining state-of-the art imaging and precise and powerful radiotherapy.

OIS Connectivity

An integral part of the collaboration is the development of interfaces that will enable the connection of Siemens Linear Accelerators and imaging systems to Varian’s oncology information system.


Whether you have LANTIS™, MOSAIQ™, or other oncology information system, the planned connectivity to Varian’s oncology information system will give you more choices in the selection of your OIS in the future. The planned connectivity to Varian’s OIS will include all features and options that are available for the Siemens linear accelerators today to ensure integrated and streamlined operations throughout your department.

Linac Replacements

Should you be considering replacing an aging Siemens accelerator, the resources at Siemens and at Varian will be available for you. The cooperation of Siemens and Varian will result in more choices for you, including the seamless transition and interface to Varian linear accelerator equipment.

Varian Solutions for Breast Cancer Treatment

Varian provides the Pivotal™ Prone Breast Solution to facilitate breast cancer treatment in the prone position.

* The MOSAIQ® Oncology Information System is a product of IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc., distributed by Siemens under license from IMPAC.

MOSAIQ® is a registered trademark of IMPAC. All rights reserved. The MOSAIQ trademark is used by Siemens under license from IMPAC.