Dimension EXL Vitamin D Total Assay

Dimension EXL Vitamin D Total Assay
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Siemens Healthineers now offers a LOCI® Vitamin D Total assay on the Dimension® EXL™ Integrated Chemistry Systems. This assay enables laboratories to provide highly accurate total 25(OH) vitamin D results (~100% D2 and D3) with a fast turnaround time. Vitamin D testing can now be consolidated with routine testing on a fully automated, high-throughput integrated chemistry system.

  • Provides excellent sensitivity for accurate differential diagnosis of vitamin D insufficiencies and improved patient care. 
  • Delivers fast turnaround time—31 minutes to first result.
  • Offers good reagent and calibration stability for improved operational and labor efficiency with less hands-on time.
  • Allows workload consolidation of routine and specialized tests for increased productivity.

Demand for vitamin D testing continues to grow, prompted by emerging research on the importance of vitamin D to wellness. Recent studies show that globally, over one billion people are vitamin D-deficient, and deficiency rates have increased as people have limited their sun exposure due to the risk of skin cancer. Vitamin D deficiency has long been associated with rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, and long-term insufficiency of calcium and vitamin D leads to osteoporosis.

Measurement of total vitamin D can aid in the correct interpretation of patients’ overall health status.

Download the assay specifications. 0.3 MB

If you are interested in adding the Vitamin D Total Assay to your Dimension EXL system menu, please contact the Inside Sales Department at (800) 242-3233, option 3.

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