Guideline Acceptable Troponin I

Imprecision level of ≤10% at the 99th percentile of the normal population

Guideline Acceptable Troponin I
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  • One sample, one run, one instrument: increased efficiency in triaging chest pain patients
  • Rapid turnaround time – in as little as 14 min. (with onboard centrifugation)
                    o  Single and ready to use TestPaks
                    o  No reconstitution
                    o  No warming to room temperature
                    o  Reduction in reagent waste
                    o  Reduction in contamination
  • Heparinized whole blood samples
  • Electronic QC (System Check) satisfies daily routine QC requirements permitting liquid QC flexibility
  • A 10% CV at 0.06 ng/mL
  • A 99% percentile at 0.07 ng/mL

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