Image Smarter, Safer, Simpler PET

Siemens has partnered with Medrad to offer the Intego PET Infusion system to improve speed and minimize dose.

The growth of nuclear medicine has been exponential over the past ten years. In 2000, a few hundred thousand procedures were performed. By 2008, this number had increased to approximately 1.8 million. Experts predict that over 5.6 million PET scans will be performed in 2016.1


As PET procedures continue to grow, workflow and radiation exposure may become increasingly difficult to manage. The Intego PET Infusion System offers a Precise, Flexible, Safe, and Efficient solution.


  • Accurate, repeatable FDG administration: ±2% of measured dose
  • Integrated dose calibrator with intelligent fluid control and management technology
  • User configurable formulas for weight-based dosing



  • Real-time, automated dose preparation and infusion – directly from multi-dose vials containing up to 700 mCi
  • Dose-on-demand technology through simple touchscreen
  • Programmable dose range: 1-25 mCi


  • Reduced exposure from dose preparation and/or handling
  • Effective shielding: <2 mRem/hour @ 12 inches from all surfaces
  • Custom designed shipping containers, vial shields, and disposables to minimize exposure
  • Test inject, low flow rate and low pressure ensure added patient safety


  • Reduced number of steps and time spent for dose preparation and infusion
  • Simple, automated record keeping
  • Automated linearity and quality control features

1 "Market for PET Radiopharmaceuticals and PET Imaging", prepared by Bio-Tech Systems, Inc., July 2009