ImageScapes Patient Experience

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ImageScapes Patient Experience
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ImageScapes: Changing the Landscape of Women’s Health

Immerse your facility in customized thematic environments.


Redefine the mammography experience for your patients from the moment they walk in your facility. With ImageScapes individualized preparation and examination room environments, you can calm and comfort your patients in a new way. Patient Satisfaction—thought one step further.

Siemens MAMMOMAT Inspiration digital mammography system in the spa theme.

A patient recovery area in the beach theme.

What is a customized thematic environment?

It’s a unique, thoughtfully inspired design, created to reduce anxiety, increase relaxation, and add overall value to your patients’ experience in your facility. And the beauty of it all? It’s so simple.

You now have the potential to change the way your patients experience healthcare, especially regarding an exam as sensitive as a mammogram. Customized environments range from soothing lights, comforting sounds, and the luxurious feel of a spa- ideal for a women’s health setting- to vibrant colors, fun sounds, and enchanting smells similar to a day at the beach. Create a more positive environment that touches all the senses and give your patients the opportunity to better tolerate exams. You can directly improve their satisfaction and simplify your workflow.

The patient experience has never been more important, with reimbursement directly linked to how patients experience care. More positive patient experiences improve satisfaction, directly impacting HCAHPS, Press Ganey, and Gallup scores. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain this critical advantage by transforming your facility with ImageScapes.