ImageGrid DICOM Storage


Siemens has partnered with Candelis to offer the ImageGrid DICOM Archive/Storage product to solve many of your image management issues. ImageGrid’s capabilities are expandable to include multi-modality, multi-physician, and multi-location solutions.


Stores DICOM images including those from MR, CT, mammography, DR and CR.

Used for orthopedics, cardiology, mammography, and general radiology.
Optional web-based DICOM viewer for referring physicians with non-diagnostic viewing capabilities.

Expandable with capacities ranging from one to hundreds of terabytes.
Used in physician practices, community hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics.

RAID 5 archiving with easy expandability.
Disaster recovery archive available for off-site storage.
Fully integrated tape library for automated on-site back-up.

Workflow Efficiency
Manual and highly customizable DICOM routing.
Automated pre/post fetching for relevant priors.
Automatic rule-based and HIPAA-compliant storage retention.