Computed Radiography

Computed Radiography

Computed Radiography
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Konica Single Plate Nano CR System

(Available in a Nano C bundle, Nano A bundle, Nano E bundle, or custom configuration)


Size: Compact and Lightweight Small Footprint: 29.1”(W)x14.4”(D)x29.4”(H)

  • Only 2.87 Sq. Feet!
  • 220lbs.


Impressive Capabilities
Fast Cycle Time!

  • 47 seconds (14x17”)


Fast Throughput

  • 76 plates/hour (14x17”)

Konica Multi-Plate Express CR System

(Available in an Xpress A bundle, Xpress E bundle, or custom Configuration)


  • 2 Plates inserted in 6 seconds81 - 14”x17” Plates per hour!
  • 26 Second First Image Preview!
  • Small Footprint (22.8” x 22.8”)!
  • 110 Volt Power


Dual Bay Design – Unique in the Market
Input: 2 Cassette Stacking
Output: Holds Up To 4 cassettes