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Sustainable Healthcare Technology from Siemens helps providers improve outcomes and lower costs

The Word is Out
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Demographics in America are changing profoundly. The aging of our population and unhealthy lifestyle choices have led to an exponential rise in costly, chronic illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurological disorders.


Take a closer look at our sustainable solutions that enhance patient outcomes while reducing cost through streamlined operations and increased productivity.

Cardiovascular Care

Siemens provides a variety of solutions engineered to help caregivers improve efficiency and provide better patient care, not just now but years from now.

  • If the diagnosis of heart attack is ruled out quickly, the result is faster discharge, shorter ER stays with less additional diagnostics or hospitalization which leads to cost savings while improving patient satisfaction.
  • Troponin biomarker tests accurately diagnose a heart attack occurrence in less than 14 minutes.
  • SOMATOM Definition Flash CT scanner allows for routine cardiac CT imaging at less than 1 mSv.
  • CT Angiography enables rule out of a heart attack and coronary artery disease for low-mid risk patients entering the ER with chest pain – independent of heart rate.*
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We offer a comprehensive set of oncology solutions that help caregivers affordably provide the best possible care to patients.

  • Siemens Serum HER-2/neu blood test monitors changes in Serum HER-neu levels over the course of the disease in metastatic breast cancer patients, helping determine the optimal therapy which can lead to better outcomes and reduced costs.
  • Biograph mCT and Biograph mMR show both anatomy and metabolism of tumors, which can result in lower costs by enabling a more accurate diagnosis and more personalized treatment than stand-alone services.
  • Artis zee/Artis zeego support interventional oncology with imaging and applications that enhance planning to treat tumors minimally invasively with syngo Embolization Guidance - reducing cost and enhancing patient outcomes.
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Our comprehensive range of neuroradiology solutions can help providers achieve high workflow efficiency and superior patient care - ultimately reducing costs.

  • Siemens CT Neuro Engine and SOMATOM CT scanner technology offer a unique and complete solution for many imaging aspects of Neuroradiology, allowing high workflow efficiency and offering excellent patient care.
  • Highly detailed images of fine cerebral vessels, aneurysms, tumor anatomy, AVMs and stent deployments in the interventional suite can be obtained with the Artis zee systems and syngo DynaCT.
  • Our Biograph mMR and MAGNETOM systems provide excellent performance which can aid physicians in the diagnosis of tumors, brain degenerative diseases, and stroke and trauma.
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*March 26, 2012 New England Journal of Medicine titled “CT Angiography for Safe Discharge of Patients with Possible Coronary Syndromes.”