Advancing 3D TEE: True Volume and Quantification for Valve Repair

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Advancing 3D TEE: True Volume and Quantification for Valve Repair
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In cardiovascular medicine, every heartbeat, every second, every image counts. Thanks to Siemens’ advancements in 3D/4D TEE and volume color Doppler, you can now visualize form, function, and flow in one volume view—without compromises. Advanced echocardiography technologies allow you to visualize what’s needed and quantify what matters for your valve repair and replacement procedures.


  • True volume 3D TEE offers clinically relevant volume sizes and volume rates with volume color Doppler.
  • With automated valve modeling, fuel comprehensive understanding of mitral and aortic valve anatomy and function within seconds for increased confidence and decreased procedure time—even in the OR.
  • Combined with IN Focus technology, the ACUSON SC2000™ ultrasound system PRIME platform is engineered to provide uniform, anatomically precise images.
  • Easy acquisition, manipulation, navigation, and quantification for sound decisions.
  • Static or dynamic models and accompanying geometric measurements help guide ultrasound TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) as well as mitral valve repair and replacement including MitraClip® procedures.
  • The double-shielded true volume 3D TEE transducer provides imaging with extremely low electromagnetic interference.


Learn about advancements in echocardiography tools for the mitral valve, aortic valve, and MitraClip® procedures

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