ACUSON S Family Ultrasound Systems Workflow Automation

Today's ultrasound reality

When facing an ever-increasing workload, tools that help you provide quality patient care and faster throughput become even more essential.

Workflow automation tools automate many of the routine aspects of ultrasound exams and reporting to save time and increase reproducibility.

  • Customizable and flexible, Siemens’ workflow protocols automatically advance the user through each step of the exam, automatically activating modes like 2D and color as well as annotations
  • Reduce exam time by at least 30% and keystrokes by at least 50%
  • Powerful algorithms utilizing machine learning automatically perform biometry measurements and segment lesion or anatomical structure boundaries
  • Reduce keystroke and trace time by 75%
  • Seamlessly and automatically transfer all data from any exam type directly into the PowerScribe 360 | Reporting system; potentially eliminate all manual measurement transcription and dictation
  • Customers who utilize the PowerScribe 360 Reporting system can realize significant time savings and productivity increases
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