The Essence of ecoline Quality

Certified by Siemens to perform like new

ecoline refurbished medical equipment offers the best of Siemens technology—delivering the like-new quality and performance you expect at a price you may not.

Top 10 ecoline advantages over discount providers

  • Thorough system cleaning, disinfecting, and aesthetic repairs.
  • Configured to customers’ specific needs and budgets.
  • Rebuilt with only certified Siemens parts and hardware.
  • Equipped with the latest software releases.
  • Tested using the same protocols as new systems


  • Same warranty and support as new systems.
  • Guaranteed parts and service availability for at least five years.
  • Dedicated refurbishment factories in Germany, India, and the U.S.
  • Comprised of Siemens’ popular AX, CT, MI, MR, and X-ray systems.
  • Backed by Siemens’ reputation for delivering high-quality systems.


Elite Care traditionally uses refurbished equipment because there is no difference. The image quality is phenomenal and radiologists love it. There is no difference between a refurbished model and a new model. The equipment that is provided to us and the service agreements that are provided to us are phenomenal.”
— Dr. Abel Longoria, COO, Elite Care

ecoline used medical equipment can help you achieve your goals for a fraction of the total cost of a new system. Visit the ecoline website and download the ecoline catalog and infographic to learn more.

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