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Bioreactor Culture Analytics for Basic Research

Maximize bioreactor culture viability and product yield with reliable analytics


RAPIDPoint and RAPIDLab analyzers from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics help to maximize biomass and product yields by generating fast results for critical analytes in bioreactor cell cultures. With their small bench space requirements, microliter sample sizes, and delivery of results for multiple parameters in approximately 60 seconds, RAPIDLab and RAPIDPoint analyzers optimize cell culture environment testing right next to your bioreactor, at every stage of bioprocess development.

Our minimal-maintenance analyzers offer exceptional capabilities to support bioprocess development.

  • Fast time to result improves culture monitoring when pH, pO, and pCO change rapidly
  • Space-saving footprint facilitates next-to-reactor analyses
  • Operator interface is easy-to-use
  • Automatic QC and calibration enhance quality control and improve workflow
  • Flexible accommodation of different sample temperatures


RapidPoint 500

RAPIDPoint 500 Analyzer
The RAPIDPoint 500 analyzer maximizes uptime with a 28-day measurement cartridge containing a full complement of analytes.


RAPIDLab 1200

RAPIDPoint 1200 Analyzer
RAPIDLab 1200 analyzers support a full test menu and provide high throughput for incremental testing demands.


The uses for the instruments contained herein do not require FDA approval/clearance. The users are recommended to conduct validation for testing in the cell culture environment. The FDA cleared uses for RAPIDLab and RAPIDPoint analyzers have not been cleared to test samples other than whole blood.

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