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Innovations ’18 for Imaging: Customer Education Symposium

The more you know, the better their care.

Mark Your Calendar!

Innovations ’18 for Imaging
April 23-26, 2018
Aria Resort and Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Leadership. Knowledge. Networking.

What is Innovations for Imaging?
It is Siemens Healthineers annual customer education symposium, a true world-class learning event that offers educational content designed for imaging professionals.


Who should go?
Innovations for Imaging is for healthcare managers or supervisors, technologists, sonographers, and related clinical professionals. Attendance is open to Siemens Healthineers customers only. Siemens reserves the right to question and/or refuse any registration. All registrations are subject to verification.

Why go?
The symposium helps attendees improve the level of care to patients by sharing insights and experiences with their peers and session presenters. Both the Managers Program and the Professionals Program offer opportunities to earn Category A or CRA educational credits.1


The voice of our customers258kB: find out what previous Innovations attendees said about their experience.


What programs are offered?
What sets Innovations for Imaging apart is the wide scope and depth of programs and events offered.

Workshop and leadership seminars for healthcare managers and supervisors who want to enhance their management capabilities.


Attendees can earn up to 15 Category A or CRA Continuing Education Credits.

Educational sessions for imaging professionals who want to maximize the use of their Siemens Healthineers imaging equipment.


Attendees can earn up to 15 Category A Continuing Education Credits.

Allows Managers Program attendees to maximize their Innovations experience by extending their stay through the Imaging Professionals Program.

Attendees can earn up to 27 Category A or CRA Continuing Education Credits.

Open to all attendees, the Innovations Showcase provides an opportunity to network with Siemens Healthineers and industry experts. Mingle with exhibitors in a relaxed setting and gain new insights into solutions and services you can implement in your own facility.

Siemens has implemented a Compliance Manual modeled on Office of Inspector General (OIG) guidance and the NEMA and AdvaMed Codes of Ethics. Such guidance is intended to facilitate ethical interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations. The Compliance Manual is available on the Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Internet page.

The Compliance Manual prohibits gifts/ giveaways of any type, including all non-educational branded promotional items regardless of value. In accordance with this guidance, please note that any promotional items connected with this event serve or are related to an educational purpose, the cost of which has been factored into each participant‘s registration fee. No distribution of refreshments or any other products for consumption, other than those described herein, will be permitted. Your participation in this program indicates your agreement to comply with these guidelines. Throughout the entire Innovations time period, business partners are not allowed to hold competing, concurrent events in the vicinity of the conference. Business partners must utilize sanctioned Innovations events and functions to meet with Siemens’ clients, and are not allowed to draw conference attendees away to any event or function hosted solely by the business partner or group of business partners.

Important Notice to Federal Government Employees

Siemens Healthcare, in accordance with its internal policies and with federal government rules and regulations, seeks to comply with the rules and regulations regarding the payment of expenses for federal government employees attending symposia and with rules and regulations regarding gifts and hospitality to federal government employees.

Therefore, to ensure that neither Siemens nor you are violating applicable regulations, we must ask that if you plan to attend this Siemens event and are employed by the federal government or any of its agencies, that you provide payment along with your registration. By registering, you also agree that your attendance at this symposium is in accordance with all federal government rules and regulations applicable to you.

Important Notice to Massachusetts and Vermont Employees
As you may be aware, Industry Codes of Conduct focused on healthcare provider interaction with their vendors have been updated and become more restrictive. Massachusetts and Vermont, as well as healthcare entities themselves, have enacted their own regulations and/or policies in this regard. As always, Siemens is committed to abiding by not only state or federal mandates regarding healthcare interaction, but to its customers’ and its own very stringent compliance policy as well. However, it is not always possible to know if a particular activity being provided by Siemens Healthcare would be prohibited based on internal policies or state, local or federal law.

Therefore, to ensure that neither Siemens nor you are violating any of your employer’s policies, we must ask that if you plan to attend this Siemens event and are licensed or work in the state of Massachusetts or Vermont, that you provide payment along with your registration.

We appreciate your understanding as we work towards reciprocal compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines.

1Category A and CRA continuing education credits will be offered for select sessions. Credits are pending approval from accrediting organizations, but are covered by the registration fee. The fair market value of each credit is $15 and is not refundable to those attendees who do not receive credits. To earn all continuing education credits, participants must attend all sessions noted as providing credits. 

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