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Biograph mCT Flow: FlowMotion, the end of stop and go

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Biograph mCT Flow in RT Workflow

Powered by Siemens’ revolutionary FlowMotion™ technology, Biograph mCT Flow™ is the world’s first PET/CT system to eliminate the demand for stop-and-go imaging. Now with Biograph mCT Flow and FlowMotion, planning and scanning are based on continuous PET data acquisition with a single continuous motion of the patient table. The new PET/CT combines the anatomic detail of a premium CT with precise metabolic information of PET to help improve individualized therapy planning and dose escalation and make cancer treatment more cost effective.

  • FlowMotion enables organ-focused acquisition in a single scan to facilitate early detection and accurate staging of disease
  • Patented OptisoHD detection system enables the finest volumetric resolution1 on the market 87 mm3 for visualization of small lesions
  • Full respiratory management with one-click phased-matched gating allows synchronized and fused visualization of PET and CT data while HD•Chest (optimal amplitude based gating) enables motion frozen images for precise therapy planning

  • By continuously moving the patient during acquisition, FlowMotion achieves axial noise uniformity along the entire scan range and eliminates the need for bed overlap. Building on proven in-plane quantitative accuracy, FlowMotion expands precise quantifiable results to all dimensions
  • A daily automatic quality control process (Quanti•QC) is designed to help assure performance is consistent and measurements are accurate day after day
  • Biograph mCT Flow employs a unique cantilevered patient handling system (SMART PHS) that eliminates differential deflection between the PET and CT, providing precise image registration and accurate contouring. Additionally, the SMART PHS is TG-66 compliant

  • Biograph mCT Flow capitalizes on fourteen unique technologies that enable PET/CT scanning at twice the speed or half the radiation dose
  • FlowMotion takes Siemens CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) commitment to the next level, allowing physicians to precisely plan and scan only the desired area and eliminates radiation dose from CT over-scanning
  • Combining FlowMotion with FAST (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies) innovations means manual scanning procedures are now simplified and automated to improve workflow efficiency and feature utilization in a single scan


  • FlowMotion technology combines with the 78 cm wide bore to provide patients a sense of progress, while helping eliminate feelings of claustrophobia for an enhanced patient experience
  • 78 cm wide bore accommodates RT positioning devices, including breast boards angled at up to 20 degrees2
  • Acculine RT installation and siting provides precise alignment of the gantry, room and components for the highest level of accuracy in patient positioning and RT planning
  • Water-cooled gantry permits a patient-friendly room temperature, eliminating the need for a blanket, which could interfere with gating devices

1 Based on volumetric resolution of 87 mm3. Based on competitive literature available at time of publication. Data on file.

2 Based on breast board available from external sources with dimensions: 22"W x 35"L (17-1/2"W slant treatment platform). Data on file.

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