syngo Workflow

Radiology Information System-RIS.


  • Provides robust support for various roles within the organization including radiologists, technologists, transcriptionists, clerical staff, management and administrators
  • Offers tremendous flexibility and scalability
  • Provides optimal automation of radiology workflow across small, large and even multi-site enterprises
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual procedures and improves physician and patient satisfaction

Feature rich modules…to support your workflow needs:

  • Portal Administrator
  • Management Reporting
  • syngo Voice
  • Mammography
  • Portal Radiologist
  • Portal Technologist
  • Scheduling



  • Seamless integration - syngo Workflow is the link between your HIS, PACS, and modalities. syngo Workflow is integrated into your existing IT environment and information system. syngo Workflow supports you according to your radiology workflow – role based and efficient.
  • Reduced costs - The syngo Workflow server can be accessed by multiple hospitals, departments, and users at various remote locations, making it a versatile and cost-efficient solution.
  • Efficient reading workflow - syngo Workflow puts all needed information and tools at your fingertips. Intelligent voice recognition, seamless continuation of work after interruptions, and automatic distribution of reports allow for fast report turn-around times.
  • Enhanced productivity - Statistical data can be quickly gathered and reports created, enhancing productivity towards patient satisfaction, maintaining an efficient facility.
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