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Wide-Angle Breast Tomosynthesis

Now, breast cancer has no place to hide

Introducing wide-angle breast tomosynthesis, breakthrough technology in mammography that introduces a new level of confidence in breast cancer detection and diagnosis.

Our 3D option to the MAMMOMAT Inspiration mammography platform delivers:

  • The widest angle for image acquisition at 50 degrees
  • Image acquisition at every 2 degrees of the arc, for 25 total images
  • A reconstruction of those images into 3D volume for better depth resolution and clarity

This is an important development, especially for women with dense breast tissue, where tumors are difficult to find with 2D mammography. Our 3D option can detect tumors concealed by overlapping tissue, provide better diagnosis than standard 2D mammography alone, and limit false-positive findings.

With wide-angle breast tomosynthesis , now, breast cancer has no place to hide.


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